Welcome to the BCOC Blog

We intend for this blog to be a space for sharing our wonderings, thoughts, and inspirations with you. Who is the “you”? Well, I guess any of you who are reading this post. We write because we wish to share. Because there is something deep within us that groans for expression, and we just can’t keep it in any longer. Yet sharing is more than my writing, and you reading. As a child, the joy of sharing is having others to share with. Sharing is a dialogue, not a monologue. For us, we hope that some morsel of our sharing may spark something in you, something you desire to share. So thank you for your time in reading what we have to share. And please, feel free to share with us. You make this work more than our ruminations. Because of you, we can share.

Side note: we are working on the format. So please excuse some of the redundancy below.

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  • Where does the title “Beating Guns” come from? (1/31/2019) - By: Taylor Bell On the evening of Sunday, March 17th, Baptist Church of the Covenant will host Shane Claiborne and Mike Martin for the tour of their new book Beating Guns (for more info, visit here: https://www.beatingguns.com./). We believe this tour is an opportunity for Covenant to join others in faithfully exploring new ways to […]
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  • Why Remember Lynching in America? (5/22/2018) - By Taylor Bell But, why do I (Taylor, a white person) need to remember America’s history of lynching? I was haunted by this question while at the opening ceremony for the Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Legacy Museum and Memorial in Montgomery, AL. The event was to commission EJI’s tenuous work in remembering and memorializing the […]

Fostering with BCOC

By Ann Elizabeth McInvale

The possibility of fostering didn’t become real to me until I started coming to BCOC in 2012. I met Linda Martin and knew I wanted to know more about her journey and how she was doing it. I was aware of my gifts and slowly began to realize that fostering was something I truly felt called to. Contrary to what many people think, the purpose of foster care is not adoption. The primary goal of foster care is to reunite children with their birth families. However, adoption can be a beautiful outcome in the pursuit to give a child permanency. Being a foster parent means advocating for children and what is in their best interest. I learned quickly that this is a difficult and holy calling.

Silhouette of Young Mother Hugging Toddler Son at SunsetBeing a foster parent has taught me to love in ways I didn’t know that I could. This journey has forced me to be vulnerable, and let those closest to me walk alongside me and hold my hand when I can’t do it alone. I have willingly let down walls and let my village, this village at BCOC, carry me through heartbreak and tears. I have pulled up my big girl panties and loved again, even after that first unexpected goodbye left me empty and broken. You helped me put back the pieces and find my strength to keep going. I have learned to hope in a system that is so broken and have felt empowered to work for change.

There are currently about 6,279 children in foster care in the state of Alabama. There are roughly 2,200 licensed foster homes. The majority of children in foster care are in Jefferson County. Some of these children come into care for just a few days and other for years. Some are reunited with family while others age out of the system or find permanency through adoption. Their reasons for being in care are different, but they all come to us wanting and needing to feel safe and loved. I am convinced that the growing number of foster families at BCOC is a result of how well this church loves. Keep loving.

Ways you can pray for us:

  • Pray that we will be the advocate that each child needs.
  • Pray for patience when things don’t go the way we think they should.
  • Pray for emotional healing when our hearts break after a final goodbye.
  • Pray that we will have the courage and self-awareness to say yes or no when we get a placement call.
  • If the situation allows, pray for healthy relationships with birth families.
  • Pray for thoughtful and productive communication between foster parents, social workers, GAL’s, and others directly involved in each case.

BCOC blog Re-Mix

I forgot that I might see
So many beautiful things

I forgot that I might need
To find out what life could bring

-Andain, “Beautiful Things”

A new-ish platform for BCOC, this blog, is coming back to life. Resuscitated.
We’ve shared Lenten devotions here in the past, sermons, other articles. Yet, things have been quiet here for a while, but there’s too much to say, and so we’re gonna start saying it. Too much to share. Too much good out there to let it go unrecognized. Too many negatives that deserve a positive counter-move. And too many wonderings to leave them un-wondered. So starting now, Taylor Bell and I want to share our ideas and reflections from living and faith-ing here on this corner alongside you.

Sometimes what is offered in worship inspires us and we want to say more about it.  This will give us a place to do that. When one of us prepares something to say or pray, often there is much more behind the scenes than what was appropriate to share in that moment of worship, so it goes unsaid and un-explored. We wonder if it would mean more to you – like it does to us – if you knew more about the scenic view– the interview, article or chapter that fed our thinking that week; the inner argument over why or how a particular thing was chosen to be shared out loud. We want to add the narration to the Sunday/Wednesday dialogue if it holds meaning worth sharing.

In addition to wonderings and theologizing, we promise to share reviews of books and resources we find relevant to our life with you, to justice and peace, to faith and living in community.  What we offer up is for the sake of our faith community. It is our hope that what we write will lift your heart, light up your passions, and enrich our fellowship somehow.

Stay tuned.