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  • The Gifts of Kids (8/9/2018) - Summer camps characterized a large part of my summer. I assisted with Arts Camp at Southtown, Seed Camp in Marion, AL, and Passport in Greenville, SC. I experienced summer camp in a variety of settings and with a diversity of people. And as the August back-to-school rhythm begins, I cannot help but reflect on what […]
  • BCOC Co-Op By: Tim Mann (7/24/2018) - Hey there BCOC. This blog post comes from our very own Tim Mann. Tim, Val, and I (Taylor) have been working together in creating a new opportunity for folks at Covenant. It’s called a Co-Op. If you find yourself interested, feel free to reach out to Tim, Val, or myself! Throughout the four Gospels are […]
  • Why Remember Lynching in America? (5/22/2018) - By Taylor Bell But, why do I (Taylor, a white person) need to remember America’s history of lynching? I was haunted by this question while at the opening ceremony for the Equal Justice Initiative’s (EJI) Legacy Museum and Memorial in Montgomery, AL. The event was to commission EJI’s tenuous work in remembering and memorializing the […]
  • Welcome to the BCOC Blog (5/22/2018) - We intend for this blog to be a space for sharing our wonderings, thoughts, and inspirations with you. Who is the “you”? Well, I guess any of you who are reading this post. We write because we wish to share. Because there is something deep within us that groans for expression, and we just can’t keep […]
  • Fostering with BCOC (5/17/2018) - By Ann Elizabeth McInvale The possibility of fostering didn’t become real to me until I started coming to BCOC in 2012. I met Linda Martin and knew I wanted to know more about her journey and how she was doing it. I was aware of my gifts and slowly began to realize that fostering was […]