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  • Why We Are So Excited About Covenant’s Life Is Calling Work (12/4/2019) - 5 minute read In January 2020, Covenant’s role in the Life is Calling Initiative will transition from research and project development to the implementation of the Ecosystem of Discernment. For each member of the Covenant Life is Calling Team, this work is deeply meaningful. Each of us hold personally compelling reasons to consistently gather for […]
  • The Gift of Thanksgiving: The Virtue of Gratitude (11/26/2019) - By: Taylor Bell 8 minute read Every Thanksgiving Day[1] I am reminded again of an essential gift: gratitude. This past Sunday, I was reminded of the importance of gratitude as I had the privilege of leading our church’s Children’s Sermon. With Thanksgiving around the corner, I chose to focus on the Christian practice of gratitude. […]
  • Thank You! (11/18/2019) - By Rodney Franklin We are in the season of giving as we prepare for Stewardship Sunday. What a wonderful way to say thank you to God for all of God’s blessings and God leading us as a congregation to be not only a house of prayer for all people but also a church ever seeking to meet the needs of those we serve inside and outside of the walls of God’s house. God has been so good and we can never stop saying THANK YOU! [...]
  • Emma Berthiaume and Benjamin Burge’s words on the importance of Bread’s Offering of Letters (11/18/2019) - Every Fall, we at Baptist Church of the Covenant partner with Bread for the World in their Offering of Letters campaign. Each year, Bread for the World focuses on a certain aspect of domestic or international food policy in an effort to eradicate global hunger. While the goal is large, it is not impossible as […]
  • Trunk or Treat 2019 (10/17/2019) - October 31 6:00 – 7:30 pm It’s almost Halloween and while a lot of Christians have mixed feelings on this creepy holiday, at BCOC, we treat Halloween as one of those opportunities to share wonderful hospitality every year. It’s our goal to inject some fun, light, and kindness into our neighborhood. The question, “What are […]